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Zirconium carbide powder

Posted on: 三月 19th, 2016 by langfeng No Comments


Molecular weight:103.22        
Carbon content:11.64%
Melting point:3540ºC
Boiling point: 5100ºC
ZrC powder achieved production technical patent.
Patent number: 2010102470107
Zirconium carbide (ZrC) is an extremely hard refractory ceramic material,It is usually processed by sintering.It has the appearance of a gray metallic powder with cubic crystal structure. Has highly corrosion resistant and high surface activity, also has the property of Oxidation resistance, high intensity, good thermal conductivity, excellent toughness.
Zirconium carbide powder is a kind of a gray metallic powder with properities of corrosion resistance, high surface activation, high hardness, good thermal conductivity (20.5 W/m·K ) and electrical conductivity : resistivity ~43 μΩ·cm, high melting point : ~3530 °C. Compared to other metal carbide powders, like WC tungsten carbide powder, tantalum carbide powder TaC powder, Hafnium carbide powder HfC powder, the density (6.73 g/cm3 ) is lower. Due to this properity, zirconium carbide powder ZrC powder is more suitable to be used in the field of re-entry vehicles, rocket in which low density and high temperature load-bearing capabilites and crucial requirements. The mixture of TaC and ZrC ( with the mole ratio 4:1 ) is a thermionic emission with very high melting point. The fine Zirconium carbide ZrC powder is an important cermet material.
Zirconium carbide commercially used in tool bits for cutting tools,can be used as welding thermal spray coating material, and has the highly effective absorption visible light, reflection infrared and wear protection solution, stored energy regeneration and so on characteristic.Also Zirconium carbide cermet powder is manufacture high technology and new technology domain and so on high performance hard alloy,aerospace,atomic energy, textile,electronic,coating,flinty thin film and metallurgy automation key materials.

technical data of zirconium carbide powderzrc powder, used in target material, powder metallurgy,petro chemical industry
1. Nano size zirconium carbide powder:  due to its characteristic of absorption visible light, reflection infrared and energy store, it is widely used on special textile fiber with the function of theraml isolation and heat storage, such as like bluejean, thermal underwear, winter gym suit....etc;
2. Zirconium carbide powder could be applied into new carbon complex function materail, improve performance on the garde of high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. Now it is widely used in the field of military and aerospace.
3. Zirconium carbide powder also could be applied on the product of electrode, the fireproof crucible and negative pole electron emission material.
4. With the properity of high hardness, zirconium carbide powder also acts as an important abrasive .
5.  zirconium carbide powder in size 40-60mesh (250-380um), 60-80mesh (180-250um), 80-100mesh (150-180um), 100-150 mesh(106-150um), 150-200mesh (75-106um), 200-400mesh (38-75um), 200-325mesh (45-75um), -325mesh (-45um ), -400mesh (-38um) is usually be used in the field of  high heat resitance thermal sparay coating;
6. Zirconium carbide powder in APS (average particle size) FSSS 3-5 micron and FSSS 0.8-1.5 micron, usually be used as additive in cemented carbide products, like cutting tools...etc.


zrc technical data
zrc technical data2