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Vanadium carbide product application and case have?

Posted on: 四月 6th, 2016 by langfeng No Comments

VC powders

vanadium carbide powder used in hard alloy additives.

Langfeng Metal research center conducted the following experiment: 1% of vanadium carbide powder in carbide cutting tools in grades K10, grades compiled for: K10V, Langfeng Metal produced using 0.85 micron D50 vanadium carbide powder, batch number: 1607, the same ingredient in the process, the same the pressing process, the same sintering process produced carbide rods, and K10 comparison, the alloy grain size becomes smaller, the grain size is 1.0 K10, and joined the grain size of the vanadium carbide K10V 0.8, made cutting tools for cutting tests, after we conducted data analysis, but also improve their high temperature performance and wear resistance, and has good performance red hard.