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The equipment with wastewater treatment system Application

Posted on: 六月 22nd, 2016 by langfeng No Comments

LFWG6S Industrial Microwave waste water treatment Chemicals Sewage Treatment Equipment and wastewater treatment systems

The equipment with wastewater treatment system can be used for high concentration chemical wastewater in waste water treatment plants and sewage water treatment plant, wastewater, municipal wastewater, municipal sewage and industrial waste water.

Microwave wastewater treatment technology is the use of microwave thermal effects and non-thermal effects of absorbing select “sensitizer” to microwave energy transfer contaminants from water chemical reaction induced by physical and chemical effects of pollutants in water degradation, transformation, accelerate the body the solid, liquid separation.

In order to achieve the purpose of purification of sewage, water treatment is a new revolution in the field, with water microwave technology sewage treatment, no secondary pollution, can be completely reused in industrial water treatment process.

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