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What is Titanium carbide rods,titanium carbide cermets rods,steel with gold bars,carbide,titanium-based alloy rods,titanium carbide based cemented carbide rod?

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Tic based cermet rod2

Titanium carbide rods is fund of titanium carbide ceramic rod, also called steel combined with gold, or titanium carbide rods, titanium carbide alloy, carbide,titanium carbide base is made of titanium carbide powder, iron powder, nickel powder as raw material, adding other metal or metal carbides, after wet grinding dry mixing, granulating, forming technology and hydraulic pressure sintering, heat treatment process, such as the production of bar shape or alloys or metal ceramics cylindrical shape.


Products are widely used in wear-resistant alloy balls, wear-resistant alloy plate and large crusher hammers, large ball mill wearing parts, improve the service life of equipment; That the main characteristic of the product: corrosion resistance, high hardness, high elastic modulus, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance and good thermal shock resistance and chemical stability and other characteristics, and have better metal toughness.


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