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The working principle of titanium carbide bar

Posted on: 十一月 22nd, 2016 by langfeng No Comments

ferro-tic rods

Titanium carbide rods using low-cost high-manganese steel or ultra-high manganese steel for the large wear-resistant parts of the matrix material, in their parts of the composite titanium carbide cermet inlay, so wear-resistant bimetallic wear-resistant parts with excellent resistance to wear Abrasive, non-wear surface with excellent plasticity and impact toughness. Has been successfully used for large jaw plate, rolling mortar wall, broken wall, vertical grinding roller, vertical grinding disc liner, counter-breaking plate hammer, installed by the user to use, consistent response is good.


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Application of Titanium Carbide Powder in Metallurgical Field

Posted on: 十一月 8th, 2016 by langfeng No Comments

TiC powdersPowder metallurgy field:
Submicron superfine titanium carbide powder for powder metallurgy production of ceramics, carbide parts of raw materials, such as drawing film, carbide molds. (2) good wear resistance, low wear rate; (3) good high temperature and oxidation resistance (1) high hardness, high hardness, ; (4) thermal conductivity, chemical stability.

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