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TiCN cemented carbide

Posted on: 九月 1st, 2016 by langfeng No Comments

Titanium carbide Nitride cermets rod 2

Carbon (N) titanium (TiCN) usually cemented carbide mainly composed of TiC TiC-Ni-Mo alloy. Such alloys with high hardness (generally up to 91 ~ 93.5HRA, the individual is 94 ~ 95HRA, reached the level of hardness of ceramic cutting tools), good wear resistance and ideal anti-month depression abrasion, high-speed cutting steel material have lower wear rate. In addition, it also has a high oxidation resistance, heat resistance (high temperature at 1100 ~ 1300 ℃ still capable of cutting), good chemical stability.

TiCN based alloy having a close ceramic hardness and heat resistance, but the bending strength of ceramics is much higher than can be used to make high-speed finishing tool material used to fill the WC-based cemented carbide and ceramics blank material. In recent years, TiCN based alloy strength has been continuously improved by 700 ~ 800MPa up to the nearest 1800 ~ 2000MPa. At the same time, the toughness is also rising, and with the indexable insert has overcome the difficulties of welding. Therefore, it is not only used as a finish, but also extended to semi-finishing, roughing and interrupted cutting. In high-speed cutting steel, especially for surface roughness less demanding roughing and semi-finishing, TiCN based alloy is the best.

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TiCN based cermets

Posted on: 七月 14th, 2016 by langfeng No Comments

Titanium carbide Nitride cermets rod 2

In order to improve the performances of TiCN-based cermets, researchers have paid much attention directly towards developing various new spices of cermets. The present review will try to sum up the efforts in designing and tailing in compositions and microstructures of TiCN-based cermets in recent years aiming at enhanced cermet properties.


The relationship between the cermet constituents and their mechanical proper-ties and wear resistance, as well as the advances in the synthesis of TiCN powders and preparation of TiCN-based cermets were included. Special emphasis was paid on the preparation of ultrafine/nano TiCN-based cermets possessing enhanced hardness, mechanical strength, toughness and wear resistance, which has led to a very recent surge of interest in the development of TiCN-based cermets. In particular, it has been possible to obtain dense TiCN-based cermets with ultrafine- and/or nano-structures by means of fast sintering techniques, such as spark plasma sintering, microwave vacuum sintering and so on.


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