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The working principle of titanium carbide bar

Posted on: 十一月 22nd, 2016 by langfeng No Comments

ferro-tic rods

Titanium carbide rods using low-cost high-manganese steel or ultra-high manganese steel for the large wear-resistant parts of the matrix material, in their parts of the composite titanium carbide cermet inlay, so wear-resistant bimetallic wear-resistant parts with excellent resistance to wear Abrasive, non-wear surface with excellent plasticity and impact toughness. Has been successfully used for large jaw plate, rolling mortar wall, broken wall, vertical grinding roller, vertical grinding disc liner, counter-breaking plate hammer, installed by the user to use, consistent response is good.


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Titanium carbide TiC Cermets Rod

Posted on: 五月 9th, 2016 by langfeng No Comments

tic cermet rod

This new cement spare parts type high manganese steel crusher hammer with tic cermet rod is a good substitute for high chromium cast iron complex crusher hammer in the industry of steel casting. It solves the problem of easy to be broken with high hardness in high chromium crusher hammer, furthermore, the wear life could be increased -up to 3 times, delivering fewer change-outs, more up time ,and lower maintenance costs.

The titanium carbide columns provide structural strength to the hammer while the manganese or wear alloy give the hammer the flexibility to handle the impact. Both alloys work together to lengthen the overall wear life of the wear part.

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