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Powder Metallurgy High Speed Steel Cutting Tools

Posted on: 十二月 21st, 2016 by langfeng No Comments

vanadium carbide powder application, used in cnc cutting tools, 3d printing, powder metallurgy

Powder metallurgy technology has changed the traditional high-speed steel material properties, in particular the use of newly developed purification technology to make high-speed steel powder metallurgy alloy content can be achieved while maintaining a high and its toughness. Powder metallurgy high-speed steel cutting tools in almost all areas of machining comprehensive than the traditional high-speed steel cutting tools, carbide cutting tools and superior overall high removal rate, high impact cutting process. Although its price is higher than ordinary high-speed steel, but you can improve tool performance, longevity, easy to improve the wear resistance and to obtain compensation.

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The after-treatment coating process

Posted on: 八月 9th, 2016 by langfeng No Comments

mo2c application

With the cutting tools become more sophisticated, customers coating quality, performance requirements are also increasing, not only requires a coating with high hardness, high wear resistance, while the tool and surface finish requirements processed products higher and higher.
Thus, after the coating treatment process began to receive widespread attention. The technology for different tools after coating, and through special equipment for coating the surface of the tool for grinding, polishing, coating tool life by this process can be further increased by 20% on the basis of conventional coatings on tool life ~ 100% or so.


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Changsha Langfeng Coating Materials Technology

Posted on: 四月 28th, 2016 by langfeng No Comments
In addition to constantly develop new tool models, cutting tool coating technology is still new and has made progress in the field of materials, which will help reduce manufacturing costs. Gear milling Sandvik is constantly developing optimized material.
“For Seco Tools, the coating is one of the major investment, Duratomic coating is one of the products of our most rewarding. Duratomic coatings have changed the pattern of the market, the development of this product has far-reaching significance, “Manta added.
“Coating technology continues to progress, it seems that will not stand still for decades. The most interesting technology is to improve the adhesion of the coating by the introduction of new PVD technology,” Witte said.
Ingersoll Berardi said: “Since we are using the coating has been PVD (physical vapor deposition) process of oxidation protection layer abrasive wear resistance, heat resistance and chemical resistance and high temperature CVD coating (chemical vapor deposition) process is similar, by using a low-temperature PVD treatment, so that the blade higher toughness, wear better. Further, before and after surface treatment coating significantly improved the performance of the tool. either by improving coating the adhesive layer, reducing the crack source location, to reduce friction, or by making the surface smoother workpiece, different ways of surface treatment contributes a lot to improve production efficiency. “
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