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Application of microwave in chrysanthemum insecticide and mold

Posted on: 四月 12th, 2017 by langfeng No Comments

drying equipment
Chrysanthemum in the process of storage and transportation of insects, black tea in the Ottawa reactor process often occurs insect pollution phenomenon. In the past, commonly used drugs fumigation insecticide method, but there is the problem of drug residues. The insecticidal effect of insects in chrysanthemum is closely related to the dielectric properties of chrysanthemum and insects. When the water content of chrysanthemum is less than 12%, it is beneficial to enhance the insecticidal effect.
Chrysanthemum in the processing and storage easily damp moldy and reduce the quality. Experiments proved that microwave technology on chrysanthemum fungi has an excellent killing effect.

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Characteristics of Industrial Microwave Equipment

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Conventional heating such as flame, hot air, electric heating, steam and other heating, are the use of heat conduction principle of heat from the outside of the object into the inside, and gradually increase the center of the object temperature, known as external heating. The process to make the central part of the required temperature, take some time, while the need for a higher external temperature; poor thermal conductivity of the object takes a long time. Industrial microwave equipment is to make the object itself to be heated objects, called the overall heating method, do not need heat conduction process, so in a short time to have a uniform heating. This feature allows the heat conduction of poor material in a short time to be heated and dry, the energy utilization rate is improved, but also can make the size of the furnace than the conventional heating furnace is smaller.

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Microwave drying technology

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Microwave drying is different from the traditional drying method, the direction of heat transfer and water diffusion in the same direction. Compared with the traditional drying method, it has the advantages of large drying rate, energy saving, high production efficiency, uniform drying, clean production, easy realization of automatic control and improvement of product quality and so on, and thus more and more attention is paid to various fields of drying. As early as the 1960s abroad on the microwave drying technology on the application and theory of a large number of studies in recent decades has been further developed. China’s microwave drying technology research started late, compared with foreign countries have a certain gap, but also achieved good results, there are many research and application results. China’s microwave drying technology is now used in the food industry, chemical materials, pharmaceutical industry, mining industry, ceramics industry, laboratory analysis, wet natural rubber processing and so on.

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Scope of application of industrial microwave ovens

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Industrial microwave equipment for the standard microwave experimental workstations, with heating speed, high efficiency, consistency of the processed material is good. For the sintering process to provide air, oxygen, nitrogen and reducing gases and other work environment. Can be used for magnetic materials, electronic ceramics, structural ceramics, metal compounds, nitrides and other materials sintering, synthesis purposes. In addition to the high temperature microwave oven and its sintering process technology unique “high, low, fast, provincial” advantages, but also has a wide range of uses, simple operation, process repeatability, stability, and significant advantages. Particularly suitable for the development of new materials, testing, and the use of small-scale production.
At present, Changsha Langfeng Metal Materials Co., Ltd. manufactures industrial microwave ovens for sale to domestic cities, and has been exported to more than 20 countries and regions such as Germany, Canada, the United States, Singapore, the Netherlands, South Africa, Australia, Turkey and Brazil.

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Microwave characteristics

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Microwave Tube Furnace

Microwave is a frequency in the 300MHz-300GMHz, the direction and size of the cyclical changes over time with electromagnetic waves. This kind of electromagnetic wave is not absorbed and transmitted by metal, can only be reflected; can penetrate glass, ceramics, plastic and other insulating materials without consuming energy, can be polar molecules (such as water molecules, proteins, fats, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, etc. ) Absorption and then into a significant feature of thermal energy.

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Through the structure and materials to buy microwave equipment

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LFWG6S Industrial Microwave waste water treatment Chemicals Sewage Treatment Equipment and wastewater treatment systems

   1. The production of microwave equipment are made of the whole body with the profile, nice.

2. Our equipment is from the inside to the outside are: industrial stainless steel cavity, 4 cm thick rock wool insulation layer, insulation layer board, the electrostatic spraying treatment of the exterior guards, and other equipment only a layer of cavity Room, and mostly stainless steel or alloy plate;

3. Due to the special nature of the material, our products are anti-material slide design, so as to avoid the long process of falling material to the bottom of the chamber to the operator of the trouble and lead to other failures hidden

4. The inlet and outlet are equipped with sealing device and four devices to prevent microwave leakage, to ensure the safety of operators; also will not waste raw materials.

5. Innovative wiping device, the effective cleaning process of oil produced by the material damage to the conveyor belt, which is imitated equipment does not;

6. Unique design of the material outlet can effectively separate dry goods and debris to reduce the cumbersome procedures and personnel under the labor intensity; save human resources.

7. Scientific chamber structure is conducive to the processing of microwave emission consistent. Guarantee and energy saving;

8. User-friendly intelligence, reasonable program-controlled so that the use of simple, intuitive; – Reasonable structure to be real material is the only guarantee of equipment quality.

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Microwave food processing technology

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LF-ZK6016 Industrial Microwave high Vacuum Furnace manufacturers

Microwave food processing technology is the application of microwave field effect of the material to carry out the material heating, drying, sterilization, sintering, synthesis, extraction and other special processing, in which the basic purpose of drying in order to remove moisture in the material;

Sterilization is the purpose of limiting microbial and enzyme-induced corruption; ripening, temperature, etc. are based on the processing of objects, the use of microwave some special effects (such as ripening, temperature and thawing) processing; baking and puffing is the use of microwave Microwave sintering technology is the use of microwave has a special band and the basic micro-wave material coupled to produce heat, the material of the dielectric loss of the material to the sintering temperature of the overall heating to achieve densification of the Method is a rapid preparation of high-quality new materials and preparation of new materials with the traditional performance of the heavy technical means.

It has the advantages of low sintering temperature, short sintering time, high energy efficiency and heating efficiency, and no pollution of safety and health.

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sintering materials by direct microwave heating

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Various fundamental problems are usually encountered when sintering materials by direct microwave heating. Most of the research on material processing by microwaves is based on conventional low-frequency (2.45 GHz) microwave applicators. However, such applicators do not couple microwave power efficiently to many ceramics at room temperature, and poor microwave absorption characteristics make initial heating difficult.


Thermal instabilities may occur, which can lead to the phenomenon of thermal runaway; i.e., the specimen overheats catastrophically. The temperature gradients inherent in volumetric heating can lead to severe temperature non-uniformities, which, at high heating rates, may cause non-uniform properties and cracking.


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The microwave sintering in the dental porcelain research

Posted on: 六月 24th, 2016 by langfeng No Comments

microwave sintering

Some people researched process and properties of nano all-ceramic dental materials by using microwave technology.

The results show that microwave sintering high-purity α-Al2O3 in all-ceramic insulation 1 600 ℃ in 10 min, can reach 99.0 percent relative density; compared with conventional sintering, the sintering temperature decreases, sintering time is shortened considerably, before and after sintering grain size is small. And designed to help heat insulation combine to successfully carry out all-ceramic sintering Al2O3, high heating efficiency heating system thus established, simple structure, easy to operate.

Grain size of microwave sintering of all-ceramic material sintered little change before and after the sintered body uniform and compact, this high-performance all-ceramic dental materials, especially dental ceramic materials for the development of nano provides an important means of technology.

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Production and transaction processes of industrial microwave ovens

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Changsha Lang Metallic Materials Ltd. is specialized in the production and sales of industrial microwave. Many buyers have the vague understanding of the transaction process and the production process of industrial microwave ovens , they always ask me about this for many times. Today ,let’s me describe in detail about the processes.

Industrial microwave oven production process:
1.Technology combined with customer requirements and design drawings;
2 .Prepare equipment related accessories;
3.Shop floor materials;
4.Assembly and welding;
5. Microwave test;
6.Parts assembly;
7.Electrical installation;
8.The overall assembly;
9.The whole package

Industrial microwave transaction process:
1.To provide procurement solutions.
2.Sales give a specific offer.
3.Signed a cooperation agreement.
4.Pay advances, workshop began production.
5.Payment of the balance due, product packing shipments.
6.The product put into use, one year after-sales service, maintenance of life.

This is processes on the production and transaction process of industrial microwave oven of Changsha Lang Metallic Materials Ltd., if the clients have special requirements, you can apply to sales, hope our customers to know!

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