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Horizontal vacuum sintering furnace safety technology

Posted on: 四月 21st, 2016 by langfeng No Comments

Microwave Vacuum Sintering Furnace

1, before the operation to put on work clothes, work shoes, wear gloves and a dust mask.

2, open the oven to prepare:

2.1 Recognizing the system is normal, water, electricity is smooth, no leaks. Check the interface, door, valves and other seal is good, whether the need to replace dirty oil pump, oil level is appropriate, the vacuum pump is functioning properly and so on;

2.2 should be installed to prevent the boat to break something corundum furnace tube, and can not occur in contact with the carbon rod to determine the suitability of the location of the boat.

3, should be strictly enforced in accordance with the process requirements heating program. When you first open the main valve to start the electrical cabinet, then close the pump power, turn on the main circuit switching power supply, when the vacuum degree to meet the requirements, according to the “RUN” button to start the program.

4, can only open the Roots vacuum furnace to determine the size of the vacuum degree requirements in line with Roots vacuum pump (600pa) time.

5, when the use of wheat vacuum gauge reads vacuum of the furnace should be slowly turning wheat vacuum gauge, in strict accordance with operational requirements, as the reading level.

6, the heating process should pay attention to monitor various parts of the furnace cooling water changes, abnormal timely manner.

7, when the shutdown in reverse order, press the “RST” button to end the program, and then disconnect the main circuit switch and disconnect the power vacuum, and finally total disconnect electrical cabinet valve.

8, when the electrical cabinet overcurrent, overvoltage alarm, immediately record the program operation, contact an electrician who repairs, while each of the main circuit disconnect switch, turn off the vacuum pipe valve, disconnect the pump power.

9, without water cooling phenomenon should immediately shutdown and record operating conditions of the program.

10, if a sudden power outage, you should immediately turn off the vacuum pipe value, record the health program, and disconnect the main circuit switching power supply and a vacuum pump.

11, to keep the environment clean and on-site equipment.

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