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Application of microwave in chrysanthemum insecticide and mold

Posted on: 四月 12th, 2017 by langfeng No Comments

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Chrysanthemum in the process of storage and transportation of insects, black tea in the Ottawa reactor process often occurs insect pollution phenomenon. In the past, commonly used drugs fumigation insecticide method, but there is the problem of drug residues. The insecticidal effect of insects in chrysanthemum is closely related to the dielectric properties of chrysanthemum and insects. When the water content of chrysanthemum is less than 12%, it is beneficial to enhance the insecticidal effect.
Chrysanthemum in the processing and storage easily damp moldy and reduce the quality. Experiments proved that microwave technology on chrysanthemum fungi has an excellent killing effect.

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Microwave Industrial Applications – Medical

Posted on: 三月 29th, 2017 by langfeng No Comments

Microwave bio – effect subtractive effect and non – thermal effect. Its thermal effect in the medical aspects of microwave therapy can be combined with radiotherapy and chemotherapy for heat through the cancer; also can use microwave heating plasma, thawed refrigerated organs; can also design a microwave scalpel, hemostasis, bleeding less.

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Microwave drying technology

Posted on: 一月 11th, 2017 by langfeng No Comments

Microwave drying is different from the traditional drying method, the direction of heat transfer and water diffusion in the same direction. Compared with the traditional drying method, it has the advantages of large drying rate, energy saving, high production efficiency, uniform drying, clean production, easy realization of automatic control and improvement of product quality and so on, and thus more and more attention is paid to various fields of drying. As early as the 1960s abroad on the microwave drying technology on the application and theory of a large number of studies in recent decades has been further developed. China’s microwave drying technology research started late, compared with foreign countries have a certain gap, but also achieved good results, there are many research and application results. China’s microwave drying technology is now used in the food industry, chemical materials, pharmaceutical industry, mining industry, ceramics industry, laboratory analysis, wet natural rubber processing and so on.

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