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Microwave Lab Furnace

Posted on: 三月 31st, 2016 by langfeng No Comments

Microwave Lab Furnace


1. Compared with traditional muffle furnace, microwave ashing muffle furnace can save more than 97% process time, which improves working efficiency greatly and is more environmental.

2. It’s suitable for ashing, sulfonating, melting, drying, fusing and heat treatment of various organic and inorganic materials as well as testing of ignition residue, ignition loss, etc.

Furnace Features
1. Fast heating:
microwave traveling with the speed of light couples with heating material and transfers microwave energy to internal energy of material, reducing heat transfer time greatly compared with conventional heating, which reduces heat loss and saves energy. Instantaneous adjustment during control process has a good controllability of reaction and sintering without thermal inertia of conventional heating.
2. Uniform heating:
microwave heats through materials gradientlessly, entirely, synchronously and uniformly, which makes materials organization uniform and inhibits deforming and cracking during heating process.
3. Grain refinement:
with microwave’ s concentrated heating on materials, materials get a rapid temperature rising speed and uniform heating, which reduces holding time, lowers sintering temperature, refines grain and improves material sintering density during sintering process.