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Microwave Atmosphere Pusher Kiln

Posted on: 六月 29th, 2016 by langfeng No Comments

LF-APK5100 Industrial Microwave Atmosphere Pusher Kiln

Microwave push board kiln atmosphere is a versatile high-temperature microwave heating equipment with air atmosphere, weak reducing atmosphere, inert atmosphere, oxygen-enriched atmosphere, and other conditions in the application of calcination, sintering, synthesis, decomposition, oxide, nitride, carbide and other technology. This series of kiln microwave equipment is a kind of continuous furnace with high energy efficiency, hort production cycle, high product quality and uniform heating, high degree of automation. Easy to operate, easy to use safe, non-polluting. Large microwave kiln, diy microwave kiln, microwave kiln diy also could be made. More information, please contact us as below ways. Technical specification Voltage 380V±10V 50Hz three-phase Rating power allocate as actual application Single magnetron output power 1.5Kw/3 Kw Microwave output frequency 2.45GHz±25MHz Max working temperature 1600℃ Temperature control Thermocouple Temperature range 0℃-1600℃ Temperature accuracy ±0.5% Control system: -Three Model: manual/auto/constant temperature, -40 segment parameters setting -PLC, Touch Screen with data storage function, -Display of real-time curve -Dynamic Data Screensavers Static ultimate vacuum ≤150Pa Vacuum System – Vacuum pumps, two-way pipeline atmosphere control, could fill oxygenated gas, inert gas, reducing gas and others; Microwave leakage GB10436-89 Alarm System Over-temperature alarm, Over current alarm Furnace door protection Close the door switch For more information , please link: http://www.industryequips.com/company-products/microwave-pusher-kiln/, please contact: angela@metalcarbidepowder.com