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Microwave Atmosphere Sintering Furnace

Posted on: 三月 31st, 2016 by langfeng No Comments

Microwave Atmosphere Sintering Furnace

This Microwave Atmosphere Sintering Furnace is a typical microwave test station with such advantages, such as rapid heating speed, high efficiency, and can make machined material in well consistency. It could provide a variety of work environment in the process of sintering, such as air, vacuum, protective gas, weak deoxidation atmosphere..etc. It mainly used in the process of sintering for below materials: magnetic materials, electronic ceramics, structural ceramics, metal compounds, nitrides and other materials, especially for new materials’ developing, equipment,and trial producing.
Requirements on working environment
1,Ventilated, clean, no dust, no explosive places
2,Ambient temperature : 0~40℃
3,Relative Humidity: 5~85%
4, Working place request: 800*800 (mm)
This kind of machine is mainly used in compounding and sintering of below material and trial production. 
1,Carbide, Nitride, Oxide: SiC、VC、Si3N4、AlN、VN、CrN、ZnO、MgO、MnO2、ZrO2 、V2O5、TiO2, etc;
2,Metal oxide carbo-thermal reduction, metal sulfides’ desulfurization;
3,Lithium-ion battery material: Lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganate oxide, NCM, LiFePO4;
4,Molecular sieve catalyst material coasting: TS-1、HTS-1,ZSM-5, etc
5,Daily-used ceramics, arts and crafts ceramic;
6,Fluorescent powder : LED, three primary colors, long after glowing phosphor powder,etc;
7,electronic ceramics, magnetic materials, powder metallurgy, carbide, ceramic structure sintering;
8,Ashing and incineration of chemical analysis sample;


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