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Microwave extraction equipment

Posted on: 九月 30th, 2016 by langfeng No Comments

Microwave Atmosphere Sintering Furnace
Microwave extraction (extraction) equipment is mainly used in microwave extraction (extraction) of spices, seasonings, soybeans, peanuts, angelica, gastrodia, kelp, ginseng, mustard seeds, cosmetics, tea drinks, pectin, chemicals.
Microwave extraction technology is a new technology used in chemical, traditional Chinese medicine and food industry. Microwave extraction is mainly used for the extraction of solid samples. Has been used for extraction such as soil, plants and animals, food, seeds and feed, medicine and so on. Compared with the traditional extraction (Soxhlet, ultrasonic extraction) method, microwave extraction is characterized by rapid, low energy consumption, less solvent consumption, and favorable for polar and thermally unstable compounds, avoiding the long-time high temperature Of the thermal decomposition. Traditional extraction is carried out by heat conduction, heat radiation and other means from the outside to the inside, and microwave extraction is instantaneous penetration of microwave materials inside and outside the heating at the same time for extraction. Microwave extraction method is not only fast, and the recovery rate is high, with acetic acid extraction of various metals in the tin organic compounds, compared with the usual extraction method, the extraction time of only 3 minutes, 20 to 100 times lower, The extraction rate of the metal tin organic compound is increased.

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