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Microwave oven characteristic——fast and efficient

Posted on: 四月 19th, 2017 by langfeng No Comments

Microwave Tube Furnace
Industrial microwave can penetrate into the food material, the drying speed is fast, the time is short, only the traditional heating method of 1 / 10-1 / 100 (one or a few tenths of the time); thus improving the productivity, Speed up the cash flow due to industrial microwave can instantaneous heating, it can greatly save food cooking, drying, sterilization and thawing time. Compared with traditional food heating methods, microwave heating can save two-thirds of the time. Especially in the case of thawing, such as the United States 50 kilowatts of continuous tunnel microwave oven, 2000 pounds per hour can be 15 pounds at 15 ° f frozen cod fish rose to 28 ° f. By the combination of microwave ovens and other heating devices into microwave / gas stove, electrical / microwave ovens, etc., than ordinary heating devices to improve production efficiency of 100% to 300%.

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Microwave heating advantages

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Microwave heating advantages

(1) heating speed. General heating, heat is transmitted from the external to internal, so the speed is slow and microwave penetration, is inside and outside the material is heated, usually within a few seconds to complete the heating process.

(2) heating evenly. Because it is heated inside and outside the material, to avoid the general heating temperature gradient occurs.

(3) high energy efficiency. Electromagnetic field energy is directly combined with the material, while the other for the air, wall and other devices are not heated.

(4) process control quickly. Microwave heating without inertia, that is open to stop. The process control is rapid and accurate.

(5) can produce the required physical and chemical effects. Many chemical and physical reactions can be obtained by microwave heating.

(6) can improve product quality. Due to rapid heating, a short time, such as food crystallization heating, the color aroma, herbs and vitamins from long-term heating damage.

(7) microwave heating can also have the role of sterilization and insecticide.

(8) covers an area of small and clean, the working environment without the advantages of high temperature.

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Microwave processing features

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Microwave processing features:

1, microwave equipment, food processing convenience, health, fast, high degree of preservation, less nutrient loss.

2, microwave equipment can be processed by the types of food.

3, can be processed by conventional equipment can not get the sensory quality.

4, in industrial applications, large-scale intensive production methods to provide consumers with only a little cooking can be eaten prefabricated food and frozen food.

5, microwave processing equipment, more and more widely.

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Microwave treatment of carbon gold technology prospects

Posted on: 十一月 11th, 2016 by langfeng No Comments

Microwave Lab Furnace

Microwave treatment of carbon gold technology prospects

At present, the pretreatment methods of carbonaceous gold ores mainly include competitive adsorption, passivation, aqueous solution chemical oxidation, oxidation roasting and other processes. However, these pretreatment methods in the application, will be subject to a number of factors. As a new green metallurgy method, microwave technology has been paid much attention in the fields of grinding, pretreatment, drying, roasting, metal extraction and soot disposal and utilization. Some research results are gradually transferred to a practical stage, preliminary shows the microwave technology in the metallurgical application of the great potential.

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Microwave extraction equipment

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Microwave Atmosphere Sintering Furnace
Microwave extraction (extraction) equipment is mainly used in microwave extraction (extraction) of spices, seasonings, soybeans, peanuts, angelica, gastrodia, kelp, ginseng, mustard seeds, cosmetics, tea drinks, pectin, chemicals.
Microwave extraction technology is a new technology used in chemical, traditional Chinese medicine and food industry. Microwave extraction is mainly used for the extraction of solid samples. Has been used for extraction such as soil, plants and animals, food, seeds and feed, medicine and so on. Compared with the traditional extraction (Soxhlet, ultrasonic extraction) method, microwave extraction is characterized by rapid, low energy consumption, less solvent consumption, and favorable for polar and thermally unstable compounds, avoiding the long-time high temperature Of the thermal decomposition. Traditional extraction is carried out by heat conduction, heat radiation and other means from the outside to the inside, and microwave extraction is instantaneous penetration of microwave materials inside and outside the heating at the same time for extraction. Microwave extraction method is not only fast, and the recovery rate is high, with acetic acid extraction of various metals in the tin organic compounds, compared with the usual extraction method, the extraction time of only 3 minutes, 20 to 100 times lower, The extraction rate of the metal tin organic compound is increased.

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The thermal effect of microwave heating sterilization

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Microwave Lab Furnace

microwave sterilization, preservation is a combination of microwave thermal effects and non-thermal effects of the results. The thermal effect of microwave heating sterilization mainly from the rapid effect: the non-thermal effect is the use of micro-organisms in vivo protein and physiological activity of the material variation, loss of vitality or death.

Therefore, microwave sterilization temperature is lower than the conventional method, the general comparison, the conventional method of sterilization temperature to 100 degrees, the time to ten minutes to dozens of minutes, while the microwave sterilization temperature is only 70 to 90 degrees, the time is about a few minutes .Through microwave drying, sterilization of food shelf life can be extended 3 to 8 times, does not destroy the original nutritional content, color, taste and natural flavor.

Compared with other drying, sterilization, thawing equipment, can reduce the area and reduce energy consumption 30% to 100%. And does not produce “three wastes” pollution.

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Microwave Sintering of Ceramics

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Microwave Tube Furnace

Though microwaves have been in use for many applications for over 60 years, their application in ceramic processing involving synthesis, sintering, melting, joining, surface modifications, etc, has developed only in the last twenty years. Microwave materials processing is recognized for many advantages, namely, substantial reduction in cycle time resulting in large energy savings, selective and volumetric heating, providing fine microstructures, improved mechanical properties, and eeo-friendliness. ln the last two decades, various researchers have worked with a variety of traditional and advanced ceramics such as alumina, zirconia, hydroxyapatites, transparent ceramics, electroceramics, ceramic superconductors, glass-ceramics, non-oxide ceramics including Si3N4, AIN, SiC and WC/ Co, etc. ln all of these materials, substantial improvements in their properties over conventional products, as well as enhancements in the diffusion and reaction kinetics,were reported. Recently, microwave melting of glasses has also been achieved with many advantages over conventional melting.
lt was generally believed that metals reflect microwaves, and hence cannot be processed in a microwave field like ceramics. However, recently it has been discovered that if the metals are in powderforrn,they will also absorb microwaves and will get heated very effectively. Alrnost all metals, including refractory metals(W, Re, Mo, etc), alloys, steels, have now been sintered successfully in 5-15 min. The selective heating feature of microwaves has led to effective brazing and joinirlg of metal parts. Even bulk metals can be heated and melted in a microwave field and the melt can be cast into useful products.


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How to buy satisfied industrial microwave equipment

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LF-MF1516 70mm Industrial Microwave Tube Furnace


All customers want to buy genuine good products, good equipment, how can buy satisfied microwave equipment? Is not difficult, as long as the intentions of inquiry and investigation tests, some manufacturers do not just listen to too much publicity, start-up companies say, “What the largest, there are hundreds of thousands of customers,” just learn a little knowledge, to buy some components imitation assembly, and called “the most advanced technology,” some customers after the purchase of equipment to know the truth, some customers are never come to understand that all of microwave equipment and technology are the same, once the problem is negated, so really good microwave equipment suffered injustice, microwave technology application and promotion are also severely affected.


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