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Microwave Sintering Introduction

Posted on: 三月 8th, 2017 by langfeng No Comments

Microwave Atmosphere Sintering Furnace

Sintering is a thermal process in which powder is transformed into a dense material without pores. in the last 50 years, microwave sintering has seen a wide range applications, such as the heating of food, drying of paper, textile and wood,etc. only in the last two decades has microwave energy been increasingly applied in the area of materials, including ceramics, composites and metals. Microwave sintering is a new type of powder metallurgy sintering densification process. Microwave sintering is the use of microwave heating to sintering the material. It is different from the traditional way of heating. Conventional heating is to rely on the heating element to transfer heat energy through convection, conduction or radiation to the heated sintered compact to reach a certain temperature, heat from outside to inside, sintering time is long. And microwave sintering is the use of microwave with a special band and the basic structure of the material coupled to produce the basic heat, the material dielectric loss of the material as a whole heated to the sintering temperature and achieve densification method.

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Technical Characteristics of Microwave Sintering

Posted on: 十二月 2nd, 2016 by langfeng No Comments

Microwave Atmosphere Sintering Furnace

1 The microwave is coupled directly to the material, resulting in overall heating

Due to the volume heating of the microwave, it is possible to realize the zero gradient uniform heating of the material in the large area, so that the internal thermal stress of the material is reduced, thereby reducing the cracking and deformation tendency. At the same time because the microwave energy can be directly absorbed into the heat, so the energy utilization is extremely high, 80% than conventional sintering energy saving.

2 microwave sintering heating rate, short sintering time

Some materials in the temperature is higher than the critical temperature, the loss factor increases rapidly, resulting in extremely fast heating. In addition, the presence of microwave reduces the activation energy, accelerating the sintering process of the material and shortening the sintering time. Short grain sintering time is not easy to grow, easy to get a uniform fine grain microstructure, less internal porosity, void shape than the traditional sintered circle, which has better ductility and toughness. At the same time, the sintering temperature has different degrees of reduction.

3 microwave can be selective heating of the phase,

Due to the different materials and the absorption of different substances relative to the microwave, therefore, can be selective and heating or selective chemical reaction to obtain new materials and new structures. It is also possible to control the heating zone by adding an absorber phase, or by using a strong absorbing material to preheat the microwave transparent material and to sinter the low loss material by the mixed heating. In addition, microwave sintering easy to control, safe, pollution-free.

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