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Composite carbide powders in cermets

Posted on: 二月 7th, 2017 by langfeng No Comments

(W,Ti,Ta,Nb)C powder

Cermets are composites produced by a combination of a ceramic and a metal. Cermets were the results of concerted efforts to develop an ideal material for high-temperature applications like jet engine turbine blades. These applications require a combination of high hardness, wear resistance and creep properties along with a significant improvement in toughness. Cermets bring together the useful characteristics of ceramics such as hardness, oxidation and heat resistance of carbides, nitrides and carbonitrides with binders, usually cobalt and nickel.

They can be represented by the general formula (Ti,Ta,Nb,W,Mo)(C,N)-(Co,Ni). The different elements form compounds like carbides, nitrides or carbonitrides and contribute to various properties. For example, Mo2C gives improved wettability of Ti(C,N) IN cermets, while TiC, Ti(C,N) give higher hardness than WC, lower thermal conductivity and lower solubility in ferrous alloys, a main component in cermets.

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