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Carbide cutting tool characteristics

Posted on: 一月 18th, 2017 by langfeng No Comments

tic application

Carbide cutting tool is mainly used for cutting steel, the cobalt content is usually 5% -10%, grain size range of 0.8-2μm. By adding 4% to 25% titanium carbide (TiC), the tendency of tungsten carbide (WC) to diffuse to the surface of the steel scrap can be reduced. By adding not more than 25% of tantalum carbide (TaC) and niobium carbide (NbC), the strength of the tool, the resistance to crescent crater wear and the thermal shock resistance can be improved. The addition of such cubic carbides also increases the red hardness of the tool and helps to avoid thermal deformation of the tool during heavy duty cutting or other processing where the cutting edge generates high temperatures. In addition, titanium carbide in the sintering process can provide nucleation sites, to improve the distribution of cubic carbides in the workpiece uniformity.

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