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The characteristics of Titanium carbide rods,titanium carbide cermets rods

Posted on: 六月 21st, 2016 by langfeng 1 Comment

ferro-tic rods

Langfeng Metal production of titanium carbide metal rods, metal titanium carbide ceramic rods, steel with gold bars, carbide, titanium-based alloy rods carbide, titanium-based alloy rods have the features of corrosion resistant, high hardness, high elastic modulus; resistant abrasion, high temperature, oxidation and good thermal shock resistance and chemical stability; with better metal toughness.

TiC high wear resistance steel bonded hard alloy

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Tic based cermet rod2

TiC high wear resistance steel bonded hard alloy fero-TiC Titanium Carbide rod, which contains 47-50wt% of a hard phase TiC and 37-40 wt% of a bonding phase high manganese steel, wherein the bonding phase contains, by weight, 2.0-4.0% of Ni, 10.0-12.0% of Mn, and the balance elements.

The high fierce steel bonded fero-tic titanium carbide rod is mainly prepared by the following steps of: proportioning, compaction, sintering. The non magnetic titanium alloy material has advantages of uniform austenite microstructure, high wear resistance, good strength and good pourability. Fero-Tic inserts are widely  used in mining industry, especially on high manganese steel crusher hammer.

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Planetary ball mill

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planetary ball mill machine 5

Market mill variety, then you know what a planetary ball mill? Planetary ball mill is a hybrid, fine grinding, sample preparation, nano-material is dispersed, and new product development and small batch production of high-tech equipment necessary material.

Planetary ball mill volume is small, full-featured and high efficiency it is research institutes, universities and corporate laboratories to obtain microparticles research sample (each experiment can acquire four samples) the ideal equipment.

Planetary ball mill equipped with vacuum ball milling tanks, can grind samples in vacuum.

Planetary ball mill is widely used in geology, mining, metallurgy, electronics, building materials, ceramics, chemicals, light industry, medicine, beauty, environmental protection and other departments, such as: electronic ceramics, structural ceramics, magnetic materials, lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide, catalysts, phosphors, long afterglow luminous powder, rare earth polishing powder, glass powder electronics, fuel cells, ceramic capacitors, zinc oxide varistors, piezoelectric ceramics, nano-materials, ceramic disc capacitors, MLCC, thermistor (PTC, NTC), ZnO varistors, surge arresters valve, strontium titanate ring varistors, ceramic filters, ceramic dielectric, piezoelectric transducers, piezoelectric transformer, chip resistors, thick film circuit, coke potentiometer oxide production areas aluminum ceramics, zirconia ceramics, phosphors, feed zinc oxide, cobalt oxide powder, Ni-Zn ferrite, Mn-Zn ferrite products and other industries.

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Advances in microwave sintering of metal powder materials

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microwave sintering

The microwave sintering is a new material preparation techniques, with many advantages of the overall heating, low temperature rapid firing, energy saving, safety and no pollution, has broad development prospects in the field of powder metallurgy. To this end a brief review of the origin and development of microwave sintering technology, the principle of microwave sintering of metal powder materials, characteristics, research and application developments and prospects and other aspects are summarized and discussed.

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Microwave Tube Furnace tube furnace manufacturers

Posted on: 六月 12th, 2016 by langfeng No Comments

LF-MF1516 70mm Industrial Microwave Tube Furnace

microwave tube furnace is suitable for a variety of synthesis, reduction, nitriding, roasting, calcination, sintering, heat treatment.

We one of tube furnace manufacturers could make laboratory tube furnace, tubular furnace, horizontal tube furnace, small tube furnace, 70mm tube furnace, carbolite tube furnace. More details, please contact us via below ways.

Technical specification
Voltage 220V±10V 50Hz three-phase
Rating power 4KW
Microwave output power 0.01~1.4KW  variable
Microwave output frequency 2.45GHz
Max working temperature 1200℃
Rated working temperature 1150℃
Sintering space D40 x 130mm (Diameter x Length)
Heating Rate ≥40℃/min
Temperature control Thermocouple
Temperature range 0℃-1300℃
Temperature accuracy ±0.5%
Control system:
-Three Model: manual/auto/constant temperature,
-40 segment parameters setting
-PLC, Touch Screen with data storage function,
-Display of real-time curve
-Dynamic Data Screensavers
Static ultimate vacuum ≤150Pa
Vacuum System
– Vacuum pumps, two-way pipeline atmosphere control, could fill oxygenated gas, inert gas, reducing gas and others;
Microwave leakage <0.5mW/cm2
Alarm System Over-temperature alarm,
Over current alarm
Furnace door protection Close the door switch
Main part Dimension 450mm×700mm×400mm (L×W×H)
Overall Dimension 900mm×500mm×700mm (L×W×H)
Covers <0.5m2

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What are the features of hafnium carbide?

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HfC powders

Hafnium carbide powder produced by Changsha Langfeng Metallic Material Ltd. has the high purity, average particle size distribution, and has a high melting point and high hardness; It can be used for carbide additives. 4TaC·HfC’s melting point is about 4215 ℃, the highest compounds melting point as we known. 4TaC·HfC’s alloy tool steel can manufacture resistive material. Hafnium carbide thermal spray materials can be made for aircraft engine blades, rocket nozzles spray, because it has excellent high temperature performance and wear resistance, corrosion resistance.

HfC frontier protective layer of hafnium carbide alloy can also be used for rocket nozzles and re-entry gliding aircraft.

Changsha Langfeng Metallic Material Ltd. is specialized in production of hafnium carbide powder, and an integral forming of production, development, sales, services and related solutions , if you want to know more information about hafnium carbide, please pay attention to our official website products link:

The technical parameters of Titanium carbide rods,titanium carbide cermets rods,steel-bonded alloys rods,titanium-based alloy rods,titanium carbide based cemented carbide rod?

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Tic based cermet rod1

The technical parameters of Titanium carbide rods,titanium carbide cermets rods,steel-bonded alloys rods,titanium-based alloy rods,titanium carbide based cemented carbide rod?

Langfeng Metal manufacturer of titanium carbide metal rods, metal titanium carbide ceramic rods, steel-bonded alloys, titanium-based alloy rods, titanium-based alloy rod with the technical parameters as below:

Strength(ISO3327): 1800+200(N/mm2)
Density (ISO): 6.2 ±0.2 g/cm3
Hardness(ISO3327): 82.5±0.5 HRA 62.5±0.5 HRA
Average Grain Size:2.0 ±0.5 μm
Chemical composition:Ni2.0%/TiC47.0%/Fe37.0%/Mn10.0%

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The purpose of Chromium Carbide

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Chromium carbide used in chromium carbide wear-resistant electrode; Chromium carbide used in high hardness of chromium carbide wear-resistant composite steel plate; Chromium carbide which are applied for the grain cemented carbide; Chromium carbide used in nickel chromium chromium carbide powder (NiCr – Cr3C2); Chromium carbide was applied to the manufacture of special welding materials, welding series welding wire, flux-cored wire;

The thermal spraying powder materials; Arc spray wires and wire submerged arc welding pipe; To Cr3C2 as the main body to Ni or Ni base alloy for chromium carbide carbide of binding phase (including wire and powder) is a kind of wear-resisting corrosion resistance and high temperature oxidation resistance of new type cemented carbide, known as “stainless steel” in the cemented carbide.

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Blade approach often encountered the problem

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wtic application

Blade approach often encountered the problem:

Beating treatment .

1 blade during operation;
1.1 Check blade installation is in place.
1.2 Check the cut legs work mounting surface if there is debris.
The gap between the inner diameter and the axis of rotation check 1.3.

2 blade crack;
2.1 before use: finger finger hooked blade with a wooden hammer to gently knock a few, listening to the sound.
2.2 Use: When you install the mounting surface there because of the possibility of a hard object, the force caused by a fixed blade crack.
2.3 In addition to the above two cases, whether due to man-made or broken blade itself is a problem.

3 blade chipped;
3.1 Cutting Machine no idle for 5 minutes and start working.
3.2 element foot diameter is too large, it can be handled by adjusting the angle of the blade, according to the specific angle element foot diameter to be.

4 element feet cut constantly;
4.1 is complete PCB element foot or part of the score is clear, check the PCB thickness and material, whether due to high temperature soldering process PCB deformation caused.
4.2 gap distance track and adjustable blade small.
4.3 Are the blade used for too long, a small gap appeared, without grinding.

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The purpose of Tantalum niobium carbide solid solution(TaC-NbC)?

Posted on: 六月 2nd, 2016 by langfeng No Comments

(Ta,Nb)C powders

(Ta,Nb)C powder is a kind of raw material extensively applied in hard alloys industry and other new materials industries, and generally it is made by solutionizing two or multiple kinds of carbide and other compound (such as nitride). Adopting unique carbonizing and solutionizing processes, our company produces compound carbide products with advantages such as stable composition, even distribution, high solid solubility, low impurity level and controllable granularity, and the tailor-made products are also available in the company to meet the customers’ specific requirements.


A solid solution of tantalum and niobium carbide (TaC-NbC) is the key to high-performance metal-ceramic material preparation, atomic energy, electronics, hard films and metallurgical automation, thermal spraying, plasma spraying and other high-tech sectors.

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