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Titanium carbide powder

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1. The product possesses high purity, narrow range particle size distribution. Also, the product has a good conductivity and chemical inert ability to steel and iron.
2. The product’s melting point is about 3200 °C. It is an essential component of cemented carbide with high hardness, corrosion resistance, thermal stability, etc. Also, it is often used in manufacture of wear-resistant materials, cutting tools, mold, metal melting crucible and many other fields.
3. It is can applies in the thermal spray coating powder material, the welding material, the flinty membranous material, the military aviation material, the hard alloy and the cermet.
The binary, ternary, the quaternary compound solid solutions formed by titanium carbide and tungsten carbide, the tantalum carbide, the carbonized niobium, the chromic carbide, the titanium nitrides, can be applied as spray coating material, the welding material, the flinty membranous material, the military aviation material, the hard alloy and the cermet.

tic application

tic technical data

Molybdenum carbide powder

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Mo2C powders


Molybdenum Carbide Mo2C Powder (Mo2C, 2.5um, High Purity 99.9%, Hexagonal, metal basis)
Molecular weight:203.88
Purity: 99.9%
Color: Dark Gray
Carbon: 5.85%
Free Carbon: 0.3%
[O]: <0.5%
Ultrafine molybdenum carbide powder is prepared through a special process method. It is a close-packed hexagonal lattice, also face-centered cubic lattice. the molybdenum carbide does not react with anaerobic acid , soluble in nitric acid and aqua regia obtaining carbon. Density: 9.18g/cm3; Melting point: 2690±500oC. It has a higher melting point and high hardness, good thermal stability and mechanical stability, excellent corrosion resistance. Applications: ultrafine molybdenum carbide powder can be used as a coating material, can also be used as the added material, widely used in various high temperature, abrasion and chemical resistant.
Widely uses in response like response and so on alkane isomerization which,unsaturated hydrocarbon hydrogenation, hydrodesulfurization and denitrogenation has the hydrogen to participation catalysts,serves as the ultra hard tool material,the anti-friction material,the heating element material as well as the high temperature structural material.
mo2c application

mo2c technical data

Tantalum carbide powder

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TaC powders

Molecular weight:103.22
Carbon content:11.64%
Melting point:3540ºC
Boiling point: 5100ºC
Tantalum Carbide (TaC) is an extremely hard refractory ceramic material. The hardness is only exceeded by diamond. It is a heavy, brown powder usually processed by sintering, and an important cermet material. Tantalum carbide has the distinction of being the stoichiometric binary compound with the highest known melting point, at 4150 K (3880°C). The substoichiometric compound TaC0.89 has a higher melting point, near 4270 K (4000°C).
1) Tantalum carbide is often added to tungsten carbide/cobalt (WC/Co) powder attritions to enhance the physical properties of the sintered structure. It also acts as a grain growth inhibitors preventing the formation of large grains, thus producing a materials of optimal hardness.
2) It is also used as a coating for steel moulds in the injection moulding of aluminium alloys. While providing a hard, wear resistant surface, it also provides a low friction mould surface.
3) Tantalum carbide is also used in the production of sharp instruments with extreme mechanical resistance and hardness.
4) It is also used in tool bits for cutting tools.
tac powder, used in aerospace, carbide cemented , 3D printing, chemical industry

tac powder technical data

Niobium carbide powder

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NbC powders


Niobium carbide is a frequent intentional product in micro-alloyed steels due to its extremely low solubility product in austenite, the lowest of all the refractory metal carbides. This means that micrometre-sized precipitates of NbC are virtually insoluble in steels at all processing temperatures and their location at grain boundaries helps prevent excessive grain growth in these steels. This is of enormous benefit, and the cornerstone of micro-alloyed steels, because it is their uniform, very fine grain size that ensures both toughness and strength. The only commonly occurring compound with a lower solubility and hence, greater potential for restricting the grain growth of steels is titanium nitride.
As the hard alloy chemical additive, it is three Yuan, four Yuan carbide melting component, like WC-NbC-C ternary system and so on. May also make the purple artificial jewel. With the tungsten carbide, the carbonized molybdenum coordination, use in the hot forging die, the cutting tool, the jet engine turbine blade, the valve, the tail skirt and the rocket spray nozzle coating. Applies in domains and so on spray coating material, ultra hard membranous material, welding material.nbc powder application, used in electronic products, thermal spraying,aerospace

nbc powder technical data

Chromium carbide powder

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Cr3C2 powders


Chromium carbide powder Extreme hardness and excellent surface finish. They are usually formed by standard P/M techniques,Chemical formula Cr3C2,Molecular weight 180.02,Carbon content 13.344%,Density 6.68 g/cm3, Melting point 1890ºC,Boiling point:3800ºC.Chromium carbide is gray powder with rhombic system structure,which is undissoluble in water and resistant to acid and alkali .It is high melting-point inorganic material with wear resistance,corrosion resistance and resistance to oxidation at elevated temperature(1000~ 1100ºC).
a)Structural applications include bearings, seals, valve seats and orifices. Corrosion resistance makes them candidates for chemical equipment service.
b) Chromium carbide is used as a thermal spray material for protecting the underlying metal surface, and as an additive to corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant materials. It is used as a fine-crystal phase in other sintered carbides, where, like the vanadium carbide, it inhibits growth of submicrometre grains during pressing and sintering.
c) Chromium carbide applications are particularly effective where sliding abrasion is present. For example, in chutes, liners, hoppers, flasks, bucket kits, skid plates, apron feeders, cyclones, fan blades, etc.chromium carbide powder, used in hard thin film,cutting tools, textile articles

chromium carbide powder technical data
chromium carbide powder technical data2

Vanadium carbide powder

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VC powders


Molecular Weight (g/mol.):62.95       
Density (g/cm3):5.81
Specific Gravity:5.77                 
Melting Point (°C):2800
Boiling Point (°C):3900               
Appearance:refractory black cubic crystals
Vanadium carbide, VC, is an extremely hard refractory ceramic material,It has the appearance of gray metallic powder with cubic crystal structure,is chemically stable and has excellent high-temperature property.


An additive in cemented carbide, Used as an additive to tungsten carbide to refine carbide-crystals, For use in cutting tools and the steel industry. Vanadium carbide. And applies in flinty domains and so on thin film, target material, welding material, hard alloy, cermet, aerospace;Gray metal powder, is one new material which produces through the new craft, Purity high, the grain-size distribution is even, May improve the hard alloy as the hard alloy and cermet's chemical additive each performance.
vanadium carbide powder application, used in cnc cutting tools, 3d printing, powder metallurgy

vanadium carbide powder technical data1
vanadium carbide powder technical data2

Hafnium carbide powder

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 hfc powders

Hafnium carbide,Chemical formula HfC,Molecular weight 190.5,Carbon content 6.30%. The product is chemical stable and has excellent high-temperature property.Density 12.7g/cm3,Boiling point: 3890ºC.

Hafnium carbide powder is manufacture high technology and new technology domain and so on high performance hard alloy, aerospace, atomic energy, electronic, coating, flinty thin film and metallurgy automation key materials.Very suitable for rocket nozzle, can make to return to the atmosphere space rocket nose cone parts. Used in ceramic industry, etc.
Gray metal powder, is one new material which produces through the new craft, Purity high, the grain-size distribution is even, high surface activity, has thermostablly, Oxidation resistance, intensity high, degree of hardness high, the thermal conductivity is good, toughness is good, Is one kind of important high MP, high strength and anti-corrosive high temperature structural material.
hafnium carbide

hafnium carbide powder technical data1
hafnium carbide powder technical data2

Zirconium carbide powder

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Molecular weight:103.22        
Carbon content:11.64%
Melting point:3540ºC
Boiling point: 5100ºC
ZrC powder achieved production technical patent.
Patent number: 2010102470107
Zirconium carbide (ZrC) is an extremely hard refractory ceramic material,It is usually processed by sintering.It has the appearance of a gray metallic powder with cubic crystal structure. Has highly corrosion resistant and high surface activity, also has the property of Oxidation resistance, high intensity, good thermal conductivity, excellent toughness.
Zirconium carbide powder is a kind of a gray metallic powder with properities of corrosion resistance, high surface activation, high hardness, good thermal conductivity (20.5 W/m·K ) and electrical conductivity : resistivity ~43 μΩ·cm, high melting point : ~3530 °C. Compared to other metal carbide powders, like WC tungsten carbide powder, tantalum carbide powder TaC powder, Hafnium carbide powder HfC powder, the density (6.73 g/cm3 ) is lower. Due to this properity, zirconium carbide powder ZrC powder is more suitable to be used in the field of re-entry vehicles, rocket in which low density and high temperature load-bearing capabilites and crucial requirements. The mixture of TaC and ZrC ( with the mole ratio 4:1 ) is a thermionic emission with very high melting point. The fine Zirconium carbide ZrC powder is an important cermet material.
Zirconium carbide commercially used in tool bits for cutting tools,can be used as welding thermal spray coating material, and has the highly effective absorption visible light, reflection infrared and wear protection solution, stored energy regeneration and so on characteristic.Also Zirconium carbide cermet powder is manufacture high technology and new technology domain and so on high performance hard alloy,aerospace,atomic energy, textile,electronic,coating,flinty thin film and metallurgy automation key materials.

technical data of zirconium carbide powderzrc powder, used in target material, powder metallurgy,petro chemical industry
1. Nano size zirconium carbide powder:  due to its characteristic of absorption visible light, reflection infrared and energy store, it is widely used on special textile fiber with the function of theraml isolation and heat storage, such as like bluejean, thermal underwear, winter gym suit....etc;
2. Zirconium carbide powder could be applied into new carbon complex function materail, improve performance on the garde of high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. Now it is widely used in the field of military and aerospace.
3. Zirconium carbide powder also could be applied on the product of electrode, the fireproof crucible and negative pole electron emission material.
4. With the properity of high hardness, zirconium carbide powder also acts as an important abrasive .
5.  zirconium carbide powder in size 40-60mesh (250-380um), 60-80mesh (180-250um), 80-100mesh (150-180um), 100-150 mesh(106-150um), 150-200mesh (75-106um), 200-400mesh (38-75um), 200-325mesh (45-75um), -325mesh (-45um ), -400mesh (-38um) is usually be used in the field of  high heat resitance thermal sparay coating;
6. Zirconium carbide powder in APS (average particle size) FSSS 3-5 micron and FSSS 0.8-1.5 micron, usually be used as additive in cemented carbide products, like cutting tools...etc.


zrc technical data
zrc technical data2