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TiC powder: improve the work life in the pick of heading machine

Posted on: 八月 2nd, 2017 by langfeng No Comments

The TiC powder also plays an important role in improving the life of the cutting head of the boring machine. The pick is the direct rock contact part in the tunneling, and its life span directly affects the excavation efficiency. The cutting speed of S100 and EBJ160 is low , Poor wear resistance, large friction coefficient, poor corrosion resistance, poor thermal conductivity and other shortcomings. Application of vacuum measurement of titanium carbide coating technology can end the above problems, plating TiC film, the teeth can be close to the hardness of diamond, life expectancy increased 3-5 times.

A Simple Guide Understanding on One Belt One road

Posted on: 五月 19th, 2017 by langfeng No Comments

Ministry of Industry and Deputy Minister said at the meeting, in the industry cooperation, China organized the relevant industry associations, enterprises to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, India and other exchange docking, guide steel, nonferrous metals, building materials and other industries to build factories abroad.

In industrial cooperation, the Ministry of Industry and related industry associations, enterprises to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, India and other exchange docking. Guide the iron and steel, nonferrous metals, building materials and other industries to build factories abroad. In 2016, the total investment in manufacturing industry reached US $ 13.06 billion, accounting for 18.3% of total foreign investment, which was 6.2 percentage points higher than that of 2015. Manufacturing mergers and acquisitions project 197, has also become a bright spot for foreign investment. North Bay Group, Guangxi Shenglong Metallurgy in Malaysia to invest in the joint steel and Malaysia Co., Ltd. project started construction in 2014, the river steel group and the South African Industrial Development Corporation signed in South Africa to build 5 million-ton steel plant project, The Group has also successfully acquired the Smedie Levuo Iron and Steel Plant in Serbia, and in-depth cooperation with Siemens AG, Voith Drive Technologies and Deutsche Rail AG in the high-speed rail sector to jointly develop third-party markets. These advantages of enterprises “going out” to promote the local employment and tax increase, led along the national industrial upgrading and industrialization of the overall process, “Made in China” and “China Service” more and more welcomed by the countries along the line.

Metal carbide powders, like titanium carbide powder, zirconium carbide powder, Changsha Langfeng Metallic Material made, which belongs to nonferrous metal industry.

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Titanium dioxide prices continue rising

Posted on: 五月 12th, 2017 by langfeng No Comments
According to industry statistics, since the beginning of the year after five rounds of price increases, titanium dioxide prices have risen more than 20%, 
compared with 2016 at the beginning of the increase is more than 70%. 
This week the average price of rutile titanium dioxide from 19,000 yuan / ton up to 20,000 yuan / ton, up 5.3%.

The tianium carbide powder TiC powder  Langfeng made use high purity titanium dioxide, ensure the quality form the source.

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The use of chromium carbide

Posted on: 四月 26th, 2017 by langfeng No Comments

chromium carbide
Chromium carbide used in chromium carbide wear-resistant electrode; chromium carbide used in high hardness chromium carbide wear-resistant composite steel plate; chromium carbide used in ultra-fine grain cemented carbide; chromium carbide used in nickel chromium chromium carbide powder (NiCr-Cr3C2); Chromium carbide used in the manufacture of special welding materials, welding electrode series, flux cored wire; thermal spray powder material; arc sprayed wire and submerged arc welded pipe wire; Cr3C2 as the main body to Ni or Ni-based alloy for the bonding phase Of chromium carbide cement (including wire and powder) is a wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant and high temperature oxidation of the new carbide, known as “hard alloy in the stainless steel.”

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Microwave oven characteristic——fast and efficient

Posted on: 四月 19th, 2017 by langfeng No Comments

Microwave Tube Furnace
Industrial microwave can penetrate into the food material, the drying speed is fast, the time is short, only the traditional heating method of 1 / 10-1 / 100 (one or a few tenths of the time); thus improving the productivity, Speed up the cash flow due to industrial microwave can instantaneous heating, it can greatly save food cooking, drying, sterilization and thawing time. Compared with traditional food heating methods, microwave heating can save two-thirds of the time. Especially in the case of thawing, such as the United States 50 kilowatts of continuous tunnel microwave oven, 2000 pounds per hour can be 15 pounds at 15 ° f frozen cod fish rose to 28 ° f. By the combination of microwave ovens and other heating devices into microwave / gas stove, electrical / microwave ovens, etc., than ordinary heating devices to improve production efficiency of 100% to 300%.

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Application of microwave in chrysanthemum insecticide and mold

Posted on: 四月 12th, 2017 by langfeng No Comments

drying equipment
Chrysanthemum in the process of storage and transportation of insects, black tea in the Ottawa reactor process often occurs insect pollution phenomenon. In the past, commonly used drugs fumigation insecticide method, but there is the problem of drug residues. The insecticidal effect of insects in chrysanthemum is closely related to the dielectric properties of chrysanthemum and insects. When the water content of chrysanthemum is less than 12%, it is beneficial to enhance the insecticidal effect.
Chrysanthemum in the processing and storage easily damp moldy and reduce the quality. Experiments proved that microwave technology on chrysanthemum fungi has an excellent killing effect.

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The development of modern powder metallurgy

Posted on: 四月 5th, 2017 by langfeng No Comments

carbide powder sintering process
Over the past decade, powder metallurgy has made remarkable progress, a series of new technologies, new technology, new materials have emerged, making the field of powder metallurgy there has been a new situation. If the powder molding and ordinary sintering as the main process of powder metallurgy technology known as the traditional powder metallurgy technology, then in recent decades in the field of powder metallurgy developed a series of new technologies and new technology can be called modern powder metallurgy technology.

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Microwave Industrial Applications – Medical

Posted on: 三月 29th, 2017 by langfeng No Comments

Microwave bio – effect subtractive effect and non – thermal effect. Its thermal effect in the medical aspects of microwave therapy can be combined with radiotherapy and chemotherapy for heat through the cancer; also can use microwave heating plasma, thawed refrigerated organs; can also design a microwave scalpel, hemostasis, bleeding less.

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Characteristics of Industrial Microwave Equipment

Posted on: 三月 22nd, 2017 by langfeng No Comments

Conventional heating such as flame, hot air, electric heating, steam and other heating, are the use of heat conduction principle of heat from the outside of the object into the inside, and gradually increase the center of the object temperature, known as external heating. The process to make the central part of the required temperature, take some time, while the need for a higher external temperature; poor thermal conductivity of the object takes a long time. Industrial microwave equipment is to make the object itself to be heated objects, called the overall heating method, do not need heat conduction process, so in a short time to have a uniform heating. This feature allows the heat conduction of poor material in a short time to be heated and dry, the energy utilization rate is improved, but also can make the size of the furnace than the conventional heating furnace is smaller.

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Changsha Langfeng titanium carbonitride bar products sent to Malaysia

Posted on: 三月 15th, 2017 by langfeng No Comments


High-speed machining tool material manufacturers – Changsha Lang Feng Metallic Materials Co., Ltd., has been committed to the development and production of high-speed machining of titanium alloy CNC tool, yesterday, titanium carbonitride based cermet rod products destined for Malaysia.

Langfeng metal production LFT10, LFT15 two kinds of titanium carbonitride cermets bar products. Our company produces Ti (C, N) based cermet (Grade: LFT15), hardness up 92.5HRA, intensity up 2.0-2.1Gpa, grain size less than 0.8 microns, are ultrafine metal ceramics. By adding titanium carbonitride and other metal and ceramic powder additive, it has a fine structure in a variety of cutting conditions can guarantee the quality of the workpiece surface, has excellent thermal shock resistance and optimal wear resistance and toughness and it has excellent resistance to plastic deformation and bue tumors.

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